slydial Situations

Using slydial is not only clever, but very practical. Whether you're a college coed, a working stiff, a soccer mom or an empty
nester, we guarantee there will be situations in your everyday life when slydial will be helpful.
When a Text Message Just Won't Cut it
Give your fingers a break.
You need to get some pertinent, detailed information to someone quickly but you don't have time for the idle chit chat that would certainly follow if you called them. Typing it all out in a text message would just be agony! Instead just leave a quick voicemail and your fingers will thank you.
Get your point across without interruption.
Upon your friend's recommendation, you decide to go to a resort in the Caribbean. What she neglects to mention is that it is under loud construction. Leave her a voicemail so she can hear the disdain in your voice and take an apologetic stance when she calls you back.
Play the field more effectively.
You are dating quite a few people at the same time. You don't want to leave them all text messages because there is nothing romantic about that. But a nice voicemail to each would score you points.
Don't cause a ten car pile up.
You are in your car on your way home. Normally you would maneuver through traffic as you text message people creating a potential recipe for disaster. Instead just leave a few quick voicemails so you stay between the lines and out of the emergency room.
Don't interrupt her vacation.
Your boss is on vacation. You need to give her an update on what is going on in the office but you don't want to disrupt her rest and relaxation. Too much information for a text message? Instead just leave her a quick voicemail with the 411 that she can check at her leisure.
When You are Short on Time
When You Don't Want to Bother Someone
When You Want to Avoid an Awkward Conversation
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