Frequently Asked Questions

What is slydial?
slydial is a free voice messaging service that connects you directly to someone's mobile voicemail. slydial is a service of MobileSphere.
What's in the name "slydial"?
While the word 'sly' can draw up connotations of being wily, crafty or mischievous (e.g. 'sly like a fox'), it can also mean clever, resourceful and efficient. We created slydial for people who appreciate clever, resourceful and efficient methods of communication, whether they exist in everyday tasks, business interactions, matters of the heart or ... clandestine operations.
Who should use slydial?
Anyone who is short on time, wants to avoid an awkward conversation, or doesn't want to bother someone, but needs to leave them a voicemail. No matter where you are in the walk of life, be it a college coed, a working stiff, a soccer mom, or an empty nester, we guarantee you that there will be situations in your life everyday where slydial will be helpful to you.
Do you have slydial Apps for smartphones?
Yes. slydial now has apps for iPhone and Android smartphones. The slydial app allows you to quickly connect to the number or contact of your choice without dialing the access number directly. The app also allows you to view your slydial history, account balance and contact the slydial Customer Care team. slydial works from any U.S. mobile phone number, excluding VoIP numbers.
How does slydial differ from other services?
Well to the best of our knowledge, there is no other service that does quite what slydial does. While some mobile phone carriers enable their users to reply to or send voicemails within their voicemail system, there are significant limitations. For example, voicemails can only be sent to users with the same carrier (e.g. Verizon) and more specifically only to users within a certain geographic area (e.g. New York metro). slydial connects you directly to the voicemail of any U.S. mobile user, regardless of their carrier or geographic location.
What happens once I place a slydial call? Will their phone ring?
In most cases the person you're slydialing simply receives a new voicemail alert a minute or so after you leave them a message. With some mobile phones, the recipient's phone may emit an abbreviated "half ring" before going directly to voicemail. On occasion, with some mobile carriers, you may hear a ringing sound/tone while you are waiting to be connected to the recipient's voicemail. This is not the recipient's phone ringing; this is the recipient's mobile carrier playing a ring tone while they attempt to locate the recipient.
Do I need to sign up for slydial in order to use it?
No. We do not require you to sign up for the service in order to use it. Just dial 267-SLY-DIAL (267-759-3425) and you are ready to go. However, to enjoy advanced features including slydial apps for iPhone and Android smartphones, as well as rapid connection to voicemail with NO advertising, join MYslydial Premium. Learn more.
Is slydial really free for the user?
Yes, we do not charge you anything to use the service. However, domestic long distance, cellular airtime minutes or additional data charges may apply. (So if you would normally get charged for calling a phone number with a "267" area code then you will get charged making a slydial call.)
If I don't want to listen to the in-call advertising, can I just pay to use slydial ad free?
Yes. What you're talking about is our MYslydial Premium service. Now we offer the MYslydial Premium Unlimited Subscription plans with a FREE one month trial! The table below shows you the details of the types of MYslydial Premium plans we offer.

Plan Cost
Unlimited Subscription with
One Month FREE Trial!
$2.95 per month or
$29.95 per year
Pay per Use $.10 per slydial
Can I use slydial from a landline phone?
Yes. slydial works from any phone - landline and mobile. If you are calling from a landline phone, dial the slydial access number 267-SLYDIAL (267-759-3425), follow the prompts, and your call will be connected to the slydial service.
Can I use slydial to connect to the voicemail of a landline phone number?
No. slydial only works to connect to the voicemail of a U.S. mobile phone user.
Does slydial work from and to all mobile providers?
slydial works with all major U.S. wireless providers.
Does slydial work to all U.S. mobile phones?
No, there are some numbers that simply cannot be 'slydialed'. For example, you cannot slydial someone who has a prepaid mobile phone, does not have a voice mailbox on his/her phone, a full voice mailbox, or a third-party voicemail service (e.g. Google Voice, Youmail). Additionally, Google Voice numbers or other VoIP numbers cannot be slydialed. On some occasions, we temporarily may not be able to complete your call due to things like network congestion, network interoperability or local number portability (LNP).
What Caller ID appears on the recipient’s voicemail?
slydial never blocks your caller ID, so your telephone number should always appear on the other person's phone. The number you enter into the slydial app must be the same as your native cellphone number. If you enter a different phone number into the app, this will not change your Caller ID. Additionally, the app will not work if an alternative phone number has been entered. If you have Caller ID blocked on your phone, try dialing *82 before you dial 267-SLYDIAL to unblock Caller ID for a single call.
Who is MobileSphere?
MobileSphere is a leading-edge provider of global wireless communications solutions leveraging the migration from fixed to mobile communications. A communications technology company, MobileSphere focuses on providing mobile messaging and mobile telephony solutions to service providers, enterprises, universities and consumers. To learn more about MobileSphere, please visit our corporate website.
How can I get in touch with someone at slydial?
To contact a member of the slydial Customer Care team, email or call 617-399-9980.